Scalable Planning with Evernote

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. You’ve probably heard of Evernote and imagined a million ways to use it but just haven’t gotten into rhythm. I’ve been using Everntoe religiously since 2012 and have created over 3,000 notes. Some call me Mr. 3,000 (well not really). Anyways, throughout this note I’ll give you all the scoop on how I transitioned from college to corporate life by planning my life with Evernote.
I thought about creating some fake scenarios on how to the use Evernote, but that seems kinda cheesy. So I posted some screenshots from my Evernote app on my IPhone 6 below. The mobile app is usually my weapon of choice because of the accessibility and Touch ID access. It’s secure and quick. Here’s what it looks like to open the app.
Evernote 1
The following screens show the number of steps I take to get to the individual note. There are several ways to shorten the clicks-to-note ratio. I found this blog pretty helpful on that.
 Evernote 2
 Evernote 3
Evernote 4
Evernote 5
Now we get the meat of this note: Scalable Planning. Although this isn’t a new technique, I found it most gratifying with Evernote. Scalable Planning with Evernote is a flexible way to organize tasks chronically via an endless and versatile note taking software like Evernote. I accomplished this starting with the most broad and most narrow tasks. This boils down to two major questions:
Where do I see myself a year (or any date that seems far away) from now?
What should I be doing now (as in this week, today, this hour, etc.) to get there?
So for me, I tend to think a year ahead try to get a “good” amount of tasks done every day. I bridged the gap by adding a quarterly note, monthly note, and weekly notes as well. See below.
Evernote 6
Evernote 7
Evernote 8
Evernote 8
Evernote 8.5
Evernote 9
By breaking my tasks down like this, I can see how my daily tasks alignment with my yearly goal. I rarely feel off track. It’s honestly hard to not follow the plan once you’ve thought it through and planned it down to a tee. I know it seems like a lot of work, but it’s totally worth it. There’s just a few manual steps on a periodic basis.
  1. Daily ~ Every morning at 8am, my phone buzzes to remind me to plan my day. I duplicate the daily note from yesterday and delete the lines of stuff I already did. The blank checkboxes are my daily tasks.
  2. Weekly ~ A slew a notifications from Evernote ring to let me know my weekly tasks need updating. Same process: Duplicate, uncheck recurring tasks, and drink coffee
  3. Monthly ~ It’s time to see if the work paid off. Hopefully we can check off the majority of these tasks and add some more for the next month.
  4. Quarterly ~ If you’re on this note, you’ve found your rhythm. Keep going.
  5. Yearly ~ TBH (to be honest), the only yearly note I’ve created is one for 2015. I may make a 5 year note if I’m feeling extremely creative, but only God knows a fire that far out.
Well if you’re still reading this, you can tell I live a very quantified life. Evernote is my enabler. I know I can be productive, and Evernote proves that’s 3,000 notes later I actually was. Here’s to the next 3,000.

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